swiss aerospace cluster // Sagirain 25 CH-6404 Greppen Luzern
Tel. +41 41 390 37 24 // Fax +41 41 390 37 31 //


Membership Benefits

  • Network of manufacturers, service providers, universities, universities of applied sciences, federations, public institutions, (emphasis on SMEs)
  • Exclusive access to networking/input/knowledge sharing events with national and international participants from economy, research and politics
  • Entrance to public events, trade fairs and forums at reduced prices
  • Support in new markets, market segments or customers throughout the cooperation with swiss federal offices, international organizations (ESA, EACP,..), cantons (ZH, NW), and interdisciplinary institutions
  • Transfer of Know-how and technological skills in the sector of aerospace and satellite navigation through the cooperation with research institutions and universities
  • Active exchange of information and knowledge between all partners
  • Fostering of the aerospace and satellite navigation industry in general
  • Cross clustering with e.g. EACP, LRBW,…
  • International cooperations in projects


Membership Fees

  • Companies up to 20 Employees: CHF 300
  • Companies, Federal or Cantonal Offices up to 200 Employees: CHF 500
  • Companies, Federal or Cantonal Offices with more than 200 Employees: CHF 1000
  • Universities, Research Institutes: CHF 500
  • Associations: CHF 300
  • Private Individuals: CHF 100