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SAC General Assembly 2017


SAC General Assembly 2017

On Friday 5 May 2017 the General Assembly of the Swiss Aerospace Cluster took place at the Flieger Flab Museum in Dübendorf.


You can download pictures of the event here.



The day started in the morning with events of the eight working groups. After the lunch break, it was time for the official part of the General Assembly which was led by the Cluster president Roland Hengartner. The aim of the day was to embed the formal part of the GA in a networking-event. For this reason, in the afternoon speeches were hold which offered new insights for the aviation and aerospace industry. The first speech was by Roland Hengartner and Andreas Wittmer who presented the current state of the SAC as well as all the member benefits. Afterwards, Chris Watts described the connection between the SAC and the Middle East and Carl Ziegler outlined the importance of a collective presence abroad. After a short coffee break, Axel Thoma and Christian Hacker showed how one can have better B2B sales conversations with the help of digital sales enablement. The next speech was by Giulio Molinari who explained how morphing wings with tailored-compliance structures have additional functionalities with low complexity. The afternoon was completed by Kurt Waldmeier’s stories and presentation of the F13 and JU52 as well as a hangar and museum tour. In the evening, the participants enjoyed an apéro whereby new contacts were made and ideas were exchanged.