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ERFA Helicopter at Air Zermatt


ERFA Helicopter at Air Zermatt

The SAC, in cooperation with the CFAC-HSG, Air Zermatt Training Center and ZHAW, are providing a platform for the clash of theory and practice. The first event of the series was held on 18 May 2017 at the Air Zermatt-Basis in Raron.

Different experts from science and business were discussing the history of CRM trainings and gave an outkook into the future of CRM trainings with a special focus on the helicopter industry. The event was a huge success thanks to the great organization of Air Zermatt who provided an Apéro after the official part of the event.


We are looking forward to enlarge the series and conduct more events for this matter. We are open for input regarding that. Please do not hesitate and contact the Cluster Office of the SAC.