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Our Mission, Vision & Motto

Our Mission, Vision & Motto


Our Mission

We strengthen the positioning of Swiss organisations in the aviation, space and satellite services industry, with a particular focus on SMEs and the supply chain.

In order to achieve this:

  • We build and maintain a network of manufacturers, service providers, universities, universities of applied sciences, associations, public institutions, with a focus on supporting SMEs.
  • We facilitate active exchange of information and knowledge between all partners.
  • We ensure knowledge and technology transfer in the sector of aerospace and satellite services.
  • We cooperate with Swiss federal offices, international organizations (e.g. ESA, EACP), cantons (e.g. ZH, NW, GL) and other clusters and across disciplines.
  • We participate in international projects to assess, develop and strengthen the aerospace industry.
  • We encourage and facilitate participation at leading international trade fairs.



Our Vision

We are the industry network supporting the Swiss aerospace industry in the transfer of contacts, knowledge and technology.



Our Motto - better together

The aviation and space industry play an important role in the Swiss economy. The industry consists of numerous small and medium sized enterprises that manufacture highly innovative products for OEMs and other major aerospace customers. The Swiss Aerospace Cluster brings together aerospace suppliers, research institutions as well as the service and down-stream industry to promote the transfer of technology and knowledge and to strengthen the Network.