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Risk, Safety and Liability in Aviation

Risk, Safety and Liability in Aviation

The purpose of the working group Risk, Safety and Liability in Aviation is to promote the exchange on these topics in order to increase transparency in the rapidly evolving air traffic laws. The often insufficient documentation should be addressed in this working group to identify reasonable and sustainable solutions with regard to the economic impact on the aviation industry.


In 2015, different lectures were given on safety and security in aviation. Incidents, such as the Germanwings accident, and activities in terrorism made the discussions even more severe. The newly published book "Aviation Risk and Safety Management (2014)" by Prof. Dr. Roland Müller, Dr. Andreas Wittmer and Christopher Drax was sold out immediately and a second edition was printed shortly after. The concept of how a corporate risk management approach can also keep the quality and safety management systems together is well-received among practitioners.




Prof. Dr. Roland Müller, Müller Eckstein Rechtsanwälte,



Dr. Andreas Wittmer, Managing Director Center for Aviation Competence,


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